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  • What weaving patterns we can do?

    Accordingly to different applications and requirements, there are many weave patterns.Except for normal weave patterns such as plain weave, twill weave, dutch weave, plain dutch weave, reverse dutch weave, our machines also could weave special twill weave, 3-heddle weave, 5-heddle weave, and decorat

  • LANYING CNC Metal Wire Mesh Weaving Machine

    LANYING CNC Metal Wire Mesh Weaving Machine is a machine that mainly used for metal wire mesh weaving. It is full CNC mwire weaving machine, shuttleless weaving machine, rapier weaving machine. There is no shuttle for this type weaving loom and the rapier motion of this type weaving machine is contr

  • How to choose a suitable weaving machine for you.

    Lanying specialized in manufacuring weaving machines for different metal wire weaving such as stainless steel wire, nickel wire, aluminium wire, iron, platinumn, siver, etc..SG100 series wire mesh machine mainly suitable for wire diameter from 0.03mm to 0.3mm, plain weave square hole 40-400 mesh/inc

  • Why tension control is very important in wire mesh weaving process?

    Why tension control is very important in wire mesh weaving process? With the development of technology,now there are many kinds of weaving looms for different fabric weaving. The shape of the weaving machine and its mechanics may vary, but the basic function is the same. The basic function of any we

  • The Advantage of 3-roller take-up in Wire Mesh Weaving Process

    The Advantage of 3-roller take-up in Wire Mesh Weaving Process 1. 3-roller take-up structure is controlled by AC servo motor which can realize high-precision wind up.2. It can wind the fabrics on to the roller evenly in single layer.3. The wire mesh fabric is coiling on separate roll which can easi

  • The advantages of CNC/digital take-up system of wire mesh weaving machines

    The take-up mechanism performs the tasks of pulling the initially formed fabric from the weaving reed and controlling the density of the weft in the fabric. With the continuous development of technology, a computer-controlled rewinding mechanism is applied to the new generation of looms, which is an

  • What are the five motions in a wire mesh weaving process?

    What are the five motions in a weaving process? 1. Shedding motion: Separating the warp wire into layers according to metal wire weaving process requirements in vertical direction to form a shed. Our wire mesh weaving machine has many kinds of shedding mechanism for you to choose from: cam tappet sh

  • Lanying Wire Mesh Weaving machine--Automatic lubrication device

    Lanying Metal Wire Mesh Weaving Looms equipped with automatic lubrication device which can realize mechanical oil cental lubrcation, it greately reduce labor cost and improve work efficiency.More details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Tension control of Lanying CNC Metal Wire Mesh Weaving Machine

    The tension fluctuation of the shuttleless loom is caused by factors such as the shedding, beating-up, and the change of winding and unwinding radius of the beam(the loom rotation rate).The periodic high-frequency tension fluctuation caused by the opening height and beating up can be solved by mecha