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Nickel wire mesh weaving machine from LANYING

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Nickel wire mesh weaving machine from LANYING

    Nickel woven wire mesh has good acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance and other properties. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, , metallurgy, medicine, food, phone production, battery industry, new energy industries, etc.

     Compared with stainless steel wire mesh weaving, the nickel wire is softer and not easy to weave. What's more, with the nickel raw material prices goes up recently, the weaving loom that used to weave nickel wire mesh must be in good condition with high precision. Because any defect will lead to a lot loss.

     LANYING CNC weaving machine is designed for metal wire mesh weaving, it can weave high quality nickel wire mesh. The unique tension control system can ensure the mesh tension is uniform, therefore, the mesh surface is flat. The cnc servomotor controlled 3-roller take-up mechanism can ensure the mesh hole size is accuracy. If you are looking for high precision and high quality weaving machine for nickel wire mesh weaving, welcome to contact LANYING!