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SG100 Series of Light-Duty CNC Metal Wire Mesh Weaving Machine

light duty wire mesh weaving machine                         SG100 high precision

Product Series Description

SG100 series of light-Duty CNC wire mesh weaving machine is suitable for weaving high quality fine mesh.

It has many kind of characters like high precision, fast rotation speed and low noise , wide weaving range and various mesh weaving patterns.

It can weave different kind of wire mesh in different material , like stainless steel, iron, copper, brass, phosphor copper, aluminum, silver, platinum and so on.

Main Technical Parameter

Weaving width: 1000mm, 1300mm, 1600mm, 2000mm.

Wire diameter range: 0.03-0.3mm

Weaving density: plain weave square hole 40-400 mesh / inch, twill weave 600 mesh / inch, dutch weave 3600 mesh / inch (weft direction).

Speed: 100 (120 optional) RPM stepless speed regulation, the actual speed depends on the weaving width and detailed specifications.

Shedding form: Tappet arch heald, rotating electronic dobby, servo dobby or equipped with jacquard machine.

Heald frame and form: optional 2-20 pieces of aluminum alloy heald frame.

Basic tension: 15000 N/m

Technical Features

  1.  Let-off: CNC let-off and real time display tension's data & automatic adjust the tension.

  2.  Weaving type: various weave method such as plain weave, twill weave, dutch weave, dutch twill, special twill weave, etc.

  3. Beating-up: there are 2 forms of beating-up mechanism: crankshaft beating-up and cam box beating-up. The spindle motor adopt stepless speed regulation frequency conversion.

  4. Weft insertion:

  PLC controlled high performance servo motor can realize pricise and fast one-way linear weft leading.

  The unique control program reduces the friction between the rapier head and the warp wire which greatly reduces end breakage of warps wire and weft wires.

  It is equipped with warp & weft sensor and will    automatic stop and search when warp or weft wire broken.

  5. Take-up motion:

  Three-roller take-up structure which is controlled by AC servo motor can realize high-precision coiling and off-line coiling without stopping and take off the mesh in any length .

  The optional constant tension coiling mechanism that driven by AC servo motor can realize coiling in different ways and coil tension is controlled in high accurate.

  6. Optional equipped with Ethernet remote control module. Centralized lubrication brings great convenience and efficiency to maintenance.

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