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SG130 Series of Standard CNC Metal Wire Mesh Weaving Machine

SG130-200-1JD          SG130-130-1JD     

Product Series Description

SG130 Series Standard CNC metal wire mesh weaving machine is a kind of general use machine. The high performance servo drive, weft insertion mechanism, various shedding devices (electric rotation dobby, cam opening or external jacquard,etc.), coordinating with high steel rigidity beating-up mechanism, large touch screen make it easy and flexible to operate and has characteristics such as wide weaving range, high-precision, low noise, diverse patterns and easy to maintenance.

It can weave different metal wires such as: stainless steel, iron, copper, brass, phosphor copper, aluminum, platinum, and other non-metal wires such as polyester, plastic, etc.

Main Technical Parameter

Weaving width: 1000mm, 1300mm, 1600mm, 2000mm,2500mm

Wire diameter range: 0.06-0.45mmmm

Weaving density: plain weave square hole 20-260 mesh / inch, twill weave 400 mesh / inch

Speed: 120 turns/minute, frequency stepless speed regulation, the actual speed depends on the weaving width and detailed specifications.

Heald frame and form: three type available -Tappet arch heald, rotating electronic dobby and servo dobby . And 2-20 pieces of aluminum alloy heald frame (optional).

Basic tension: 20000 N/m.

Technical Features

1. Adopt numerical control let -off (feeding warp wire ) by AC servo motor, real-time display tension's data and automatic adjustment.

2. In addition to ordinary fabrics, The multi- beam works through the cooperation of each beam’s servo motor and rotary electronic dobby or servo dobby mechanism implement with programming, can be applied to special twill weaving and color

3. There are two types of beating- up: crankshaft beating- up and cam box beating- up. The spindle motor adopt frequency conversion stepless speed regulation .

4. Precise and fast one way linear weft leading is controlled by high performance servo motor under PLC control. The particular program's controlling reduces the friction between the rapier head and the warp wire and greatly reduces the broken ends of warp and weft. It is equipped with the weft sensor, Automatic stop when warp or weft wire is broken and has the automatic weft searching function.

5. The three- roller winding structure which is controlled by AC servo motor can realize high-precision coiling and off-line coiling without stopping and take off the mesh in any length . The constant tension coiling mechanism which is controlled by alternative AC servo motor can realize coiling in different ways and coil tension is controlled in high accurate.

6. Optional Equipped with Ethernet Remote control module, centralized lubrication brings great convenience and efficiency to maintenance.    

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