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SG180 Series of Large Metal Wire Mesh Weaving Machine

sg180 series large metal wire mesh weaving machine

Product Series Description

SG180 series of large wire mesh weaving machine is suitable for weaving heavier metal mesh fabric. It adopts flexible rapier linear weft insertion with small opening. There are two kinds of beating up forms, :single beat /pick and double beat/pick and two kinds of shedding opening structures: Tappet hanging/harness heald and arch heald,which are optional. Mechanical intermittent let -off and rolling mesh. It can weave stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, platinum, polyester, plastic and other materials of metal mesh and non-metal mesh. The mesh is flat& the pattern is diverse.

Main Technical Parameter


Wire diameter range: 0.2-1.2mm

Weaving density: plain weave square hole 6-40 mesh/inch, twill weave 200 mesh/inch

Speed: 30-50 turns/minute, the actual speed depends on the weaving width and detailed specifications.

Heald frame and form: Tappet hanging/harness heald and arch heald

Basic tension: 60000 N/m.

Technical Features

1. Mode of let off (feeding warp wire ): mechanical intermittent positive let off .

2. Weft insertion mode:  Precise and fast one way linear weft leading is controlled by high performance servo motor under PLC control. The particular program control reduces the friction between the rapier head and the warp wire and greatly reduces the broken ends of warp and weft  It is equipped with the weft sensor ,Automatic stop when warp or weft wire is broken and has the automatic weft searching function.

3. Shedding opening form: A.Tappet hanging/harness heald . B. arch heald

4. Beating up forms : A. single beat /pick B. double beat/pick- it is suitable for

weaving wire mesh with high requirements for mesh hole and flatness.

5. Winding/rolling form: mechanical intermittent negative winding/rolling.

6. Winding Mechanism: A. single- roller mesh winding. B. mechanical three -roller winding. Three- roller Mechanism can realize higher precision coiling net and without stopping the machine, and the net can be arbitrarily cut at any length

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