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What are the five motions in a wire mesh weaving process?

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What are the five motions in a wire mesh weaving process?

What are the five motions in a weaving process?


1. Shedding motion: Separating the warp wire into layers according to metal wire weaving process requirements in vertical direction to form a shed.


Our wire mesh weaving machine has many kinds of shedding mechanism for you to choose from: cam tappet shedding, electronically controlled rotary dobby shedding, servomotor controlled dobby shedding.


2.  Weft insertion motion: Passing the weft wire, which travel across the fabric, through the shed.


Our CNC wire mesh weaving machine adopts PLC controlled servo motor which can realize fast one-way linear weft leading. The unique control program reduces the friction between the rapier head and the warp wire which greatly reduces end breakage of warps wire and weft wires. It is equipped with warp & weft sensor and will automatic stop and search when warp or weft wire broken.


3. Beating-up motion:pushing the newly inserted weft wire into the already woven fabric.


There are two forms of beating-up: crank shaft beating-up and cam box beating-up.


4. Take-up motion: this motion withdraws fabric form the weaving area at the constant rate that will give the required pick-spacing and then winds it onto a roller.


Our three-roller take-up structure which is controlled by AC servo motor can realize high-precision coiling and off-line coiling without stopping and take off the mesh in any length .


Optional constant tension coiling mechanism that driven by AC servo motor can realize coiling in different ways and coil tension is controlled in high accurate.


5. Let-off motion: this motion delivers warp to the weaving area at the required rate and at a suitable constant tension by unwinding it from a flanged tube known as the weaver’s beam.


Our wire mesh weaving machine adopts CNC let-off, real time display tension's data and automatic adjust the tension.


We are professional manufacturer of wire mesh weaving machines in China with over 20 years experience.


We have light-duty wire weaving machine, standard wire weaving machine, heavy-duty wire weaving machine, large wire weaving machine that cover all-round weaving range from light and thin fabrics with a diameter of 0.03mm (not limited to) to heavy fabrics with a diameter of 2.0mm (not limited to).


Our wire mesh weaving machines can weave wire materials from steel, stainless steel,iron, copper, brass, bronze,aluminum, platinum, alloy, to polyester,etc.


Different weaving methods can be realized by our wire mesh weaving machine: plain weave, twill weave, dutch weave, dutch twill weave, reverse dutch twill weave, five-heddle weave,etc. Our special designed wire weaving machines can weave geometric patterns.


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