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  • CNC Metal wire mesh weaving machines to INDIA

    LANYING is specialized in CNC metal wire mesh weaving machines manufacturing. Our have different ranges weaving looms that are suitable for different wire mesh weaving. The strengthen type SG130 weaving looms is suitable for: Wire diameter: 0.05~0.4mm Weaving density: plain weave square hole 20-260 mesh/inch, twill weave up to 400 mesh/inc. Speed: 60~100rpm or 80~120RPM (actual speed depends on weaving specs and width)

  • Servo dobby type weaving machine deliver to Korean customers

    Servo dobby type full CNC metal wire mesh is suitable for heavy metal wire mesh weaving which requires special weave patterns.Each heald frame is controlled by a servo motor and can be set on touch screen. The user can edit each heald frame's up or down very easily on the touch screen. It can weave

  • CNC Metal Wire Mesh Loom and CNC Warping Machine Deliver to Japan

    On the first day of China National Day, we successfully load the CNC metal wire mesh loom and CNC warping machine into containers which will ship to Japan. CNC metal wire mesh weaving machine details:Model No.: SG100/130-1JDQWeaving width: 1300mmWeaving density: plain weave square hole 40-400mesh/i

  • SG100 high precision CNC metal wire mesh weaving machine with 12pcs electronic rotary dobby deliver to customers

    Lanying CNC metal wire mesh weaving machines has been exported to many countries such as India, Vietname, Russia, France, Italy, South Korea, South Africa, Turkey, Egpty,etc. Rational design with stable quality help us win repeat orders from customers. If you are looking for reliable metal wire mesh weaving machine manufacturer, please contact us. We have rich experience in manufacturing CNC metal wire mesh weaving machines, and now we are one of the leading manufacturer of this field in China.

  • Five Shaft Wire Mesh Weaving Machine

    What is five

  • What weaving patterns we can do?

    Accordingly to different applications and requirements, there are many weave patterns.Except for normal weave patterns such as plain weave, twill weave, dutch weave, plain dutch weave, reverse dutch weave, our machines also could weave special twill weave, 3-heddle weave, 5-heddle weave, and decorat

  • CNC Off-lpom Warping Machine for Metal wires from LANYING

    With the requirements of high

  • Nickel wire mesh weaving machine from LANYING

    Nickel woven wire mesh is woven by nickel wires, and it is widely used in petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, rubber, tire manufacturing, metallurgy, medicine, food, phone production, battery industry, new energy industries, etc. Nickel wire is woven into various specifications of mesh, which has g

  • LANYING CNC Metal Wire Mesh Weaving Machine

    LANYING CNC Metal Wire Mesh Weaving Machine is a machine that mainly used for metal wire mesh weaving. It is full CNC mwire weaving machine, shuttleless weaving machine, rapier weaving machine. There is no shuttle for this type weaving loom and the rapier motion of this type weaving machine is contr

  • How to choose a suitable weaving machine for you.

    Lanying specialized in manufacuring weaving machines for different metal wire weaving such as stainless steel wire, nickel wire, aluminium wire, iron, platinumn, siver, etc..SG100 series wire mesh machine mainly suitable for wire diameter from 0.03mm to 0.3mm, plain weave square hole 40-400 mesh/inc

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